"I met Stephanie in May 2015 during a psychic fair. I really did not believe in that stuff but I figured it would be fun. I asked for a general reading and during the reading she suggested a cleansing. I figured what the heck might as well. After the reading was done, I felt very tired and Stephanie said that was normal. During the beginning of June I found out I was pregnant and was over excited about it because my husband and I had been trying for over 6 years and could not get pregnant. It was very exciting for us and during the psychic fair in July I went to see Stephanie and thank her. There was no other explanation to why I got pregnant right after the reading with Stephanie and could not get pregnant for the prior 6 years. During my visit with her she told me many things and I tried to take it all in. One thing that stuck out was she said everything was going to be OK. I really did not think anything about it but a few days later I needed to be reminded that fact. There was a complication in the pregnancy and my husband kept reminding what Stephanie said. I must have repeated what she said, everything is going to be OK, a thousand times a day. Well in February I delivered a beautiful baby boy and could not have been more happy. I try and talk to Stephanie on a regular basis for guidance and advice and am a full believer. She is definitely an amazing woman and a very gifted healer and I am so thankful for knowing her."
Richalie D
Edgewood, WA




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